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Lemon Juice and water is a very good to the body especially mixed together and taken daily before breakfast.

A lot of people has been taken it without definite purpose rather just because of it’s slimy taste. No doubt even you I think.

I’ll like to share with you some remarkable things that happens to you when you take lemon juice with water on empty stomach in the morning.

Lemon is one of the best things nature has blessed us with as it has helped many out of various health challenges from ancient times till now because of it’s essential vitamins and fibre. Likewise water, like it is said, “water is life”, it can do wonders on you body within seconds of consumption.

I want to show you just 10 Reasons why you should make it a habit of drinking lemon juice mixed with water every morning before suggesting breakfast.

1. Boast Immune System

Lemon Juice has a lot of vitamins C which helps to boast your immune system. It drops stress level rapidly and flushes out bad toxins out of your body when taken 15-30 minutes before breakfast.

2. Digestion

Lemon Juice and water aid proper digestion by loosen and removing toxins from your stomach. It helps you fight indigestion signs such as heartburn, burping and bloating.

3. Excellent Source of Potassium

It is very helpful and a great suggestion when you want to keep your heart running normal including brain and nerves because of it’s excellent availability level of potassium.

4. Cleans Your System.

Lemon and water together helps you to clean your body systems by removing bad chemicals in the body and aid the liver to function optimally.

5. Freshen up Breathe.

Lemon Juice and water helps you to freshen up your breathe. Provide ease on toothache and highly recommended for fighting gingivitis. It is however, hard on tooth enamel so avoid brushing your teeth after taking it rather, brush before taking it in the morning.

6. Blemish Free Skin.

Lemon Juice keeps your skin blemish free because of the presence of antioxidants which helps lessen blemishes and wrinkles. It also has positive effect on soars, age spots and light them. When you take it, it flushes out bad chemicals and keep your skin glowing.

7. Shade Weight.

Because of the availability of pectin fiber, it helps shade weight rapidly as well as gives you a naturally fullness to reduce frequent hunger and tendency to eat often.

8. Fights Inflammation.

It reduces inflammation when taken all the time. This is because lemon juice lessen the amount of acid in your body and prevents gastrointestinal issues. It stops swelling by getting rid of uric acid in your joints.

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9. Boast Energy.

When you take this mixture, it helps you reduce anxiety and depression thereby, boasting your energy. Research shows that smelling lemon alone can calm your nerves.

10. Fights Infections.

One of the best ways to fight or prevent infection is making it a habit of drinking lemon juice mixed with water. It helps in lessen viral Infections and gives you a soating relief of the soar throat that comes with it. This is because of it’s ability to keep up immune system.

Make it a habit to always stay natural and give your health priority as health is wealth.

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