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Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss – Tested Positive!

Green tea is not only well known for slowing the progress of certain types of malignant tumours

such as prostate cancer but also improves heart health and cardiovascular function, in a recent study

published online.

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Whatsmore, the new research has also revealed that consumption of green tea

extends to more than good health and is in fact an important tool in promoting weight loss.

According to the latest proceedings from the International Tea and Human Health Symposium

conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there is a huge positive relationship

between the consumption of green tea and human health. Research studies conducted over the

decades have now confirmed that consuming tea is helpful in preventing chronic illnesses including

heart disorders, specific kinds of cancer and type II diabetes. In addition, it is now being revealed

that green tea also improves bone health, activates certain areas of the brain by bolstering mood

enhancement, problem-solving techniques and improving attention.

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In the recent issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there are more than 12 new articles

that emphasise the compelling benefits of consuming green tea on a daily basis. Some important

highlights include:

Boost in weight loss from tea leaf polyphenols. The caffeine content and the polyphenols present in

green tea helps in increasing the expenditure of energy and the oxidation of fat, thus providing

substantial advantages for dieters wanting to achieve and maintain the ideal body weight.

Researchers revealed that participants who consumed green tea with caffeine lost an average of

over three pounds in a short span of 12 weeks, while observing their standard diet. On a similar note, population-based research findings also reveal that actual green tea drinkers have less body

fat, waist to hip ratios and BMIs as compared to non-tea drinkers.

Flavonoids found in green tea improve the quality of bones and bone strength. Considered to be a

major public health concern, osteoporosis is rampantly being seen across the major population at

large. However, there is good news for those afflicted with poor bone quality and bone strength, as

new research indicates that the polyphenols found in green tea are also helpful in boosting bone

strength and bone quality, especially in men and women over the age of 50. In a particular study

conducted among postmenopausal women, scientists reported that consuming over 500 mg of

green tea extract in combination with performing yoga or tai chi helped in reducing inflammation

and increasing muscle strength among the participants.

Other similar studies also found that the

polyphenols in green tea provided a revitalizing effect to bone reconstruction thus helping to

maintain the density of bones and reduce bone loss.

Drinking as little as 1 cup of green tea per day was shown to greatly reduce the incidence of

cardiovascular attacks and other diseases while significantly cutting down the risk of strokes. In

addition, thousands of human intervention studies as well as epidemiological and laboratory

experiments have also shown that green tea possesses potent anti-cancer properties found in the

flavonoids and polyphenols present in them. Some important anti-oxidant effects against certain

types of cancers include tumours of the gastrointestinal tract, breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer

and prostate cancer. Green tea not only helps in protecting against these types of cancers but also

inhibits the growth of such tumours and enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients

undergoing treatment for cancer.

Author Bio:

Joe Bianchi is a writer about fitness and health. Currently writing articles about weight loss related to

green tea and HCG diet drops weight loss program.

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