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Dark Circles around the eyes as possibly caused by excessive sun exposure, hereditary events, exhaustion or from hypersomnia (deprivation of sleep).

Try this method if you have puffy eyes due to stress, constant viewing of system screen and insufficient sleep as it is very effective and fast.


This however, is a frequently asked question several answers flooding the web sake of these either by perspective views, research proven or moxie driven (experience).

I will elliptically display to you the coolest and fastest way based on naturopathic expertise how to remove dark circles around the eyes.

Method Of Preparation

– Shred 1/2 cucumber into a small clean bowl

– Peel banana and cut 1/2 to it

– Mash together using a spoon or hand till becomes puddy in looks

– Put in a container and freeze as shown image below

 – Remove iced mixture and rub around or on affected area mildly.

Wash or clean with a dry towel after 10 minutes of application. Repeat as desired.

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