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Tooth discoloration is one major health and beauty challenge a lot of people are facing especially in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe.

This is common in these locations due to several dental reasons starting family history, drugs reactions, age advancement, poor dental hygiene, stain-causing foods or drinks, excess tobacco use and too much fluoride in water as well as some dental products.

Calcium Deficiency too can cause you to have tooth discoloration and also large dose of fluoride, medical condition known as fluorosis commonly found in children between the ages of 1-6.

Tooth discoloration however, don’t always mean your teeth are bad or unhealthy because even sparkling white teeth can be having gum Infection or cavity if not properly taken care of. This can be disturbing as it prevents you from laughing or smiling teeth-out in public.

Before and after using ginger teeth whitening paste

If your teeth suddenly changes in color from it’s original color, then I think you need a solution which is why you are here. It’s so because something’s not right about your dental hygiene.

I suffered same challenge some time ago growing up and it was due adverse drug reactions which made me very uncomfortable in public, contiuose about it limiting my smiles so to avoid been laughed at. It’s now in the past because after venturing into these method in my quest for solution, my teeth are now sparkling and I smile even for no reason because it’s dazzling.

Trust me on this as you don’t have to force a camel through the needles eye to prepare this wonderful ginger paste for teeth whitening. All you need to prepare this mixture is ginger and table salt.


  • Peel off skin from ginger
  • Crush with pistle or hand blender to get juice
  • Collect in a small plate
  • Add half tablespoon of salt, stir.

Now your ginger paste is ready. Use toothbrush to apply on your teeth and brush gently for 2-5 Minutes. Rinse off, and see the level of change. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat process again after 24 hours until you get satisfaction.

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