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Lack of energy can be very detrimental as it speaks a lot on your daily activities and measures your productivity. This has been a burden on many people as they end up and energy drinks which in excess cause more harm than good.

Let me throw little light on energy drinks. I’m not saying it’s bad generally but when taken in excess that’s where the concerns build up.

What you need to know about energy drinks?

Energy drinks contains a lot of sugar and caffeine and this two ingredients alone has a lot of damage in the body when taken in excess.

Too much caffeine for instance raise health concerns like convulsions, palpitations, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting and even death in some cases.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Energy Drinks

1. It exposes you to hypertension. Caffeine overdose can lead to hypertension because everyone 16 ounces of caffeine equals 200 grams in your body and can raise to 500 grams thereby exposing you to Hyperglycemia.

2. Energy Drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine which in high dose posses threat to your dental health by wearing down your tooth enamel, exposing them to hypersensitive.

3. Excess dose of caffeinated drinks increases your chances of type-2 diabetes because 16 ounces produces 220 calories in your body.

4. Energy Drinks can provide you with instant energy boast and when taken in excess and limited intake of water, it prevents the kidney from retaining fluids, thereby leading to dehydration.

I want to help you stay off caffeine and other harmful substances¬† to boast Energy. “What you eat, if who you are”. The type of foods and drinks you eat determines your day amd knowing the right food, keeps you mentally alert and productive.

7 foods that has be tested to boast Energy and productivity.

1. Blueberry

There are full of fiber, which provides you with energy to keep you going for hours. It is best eaten plain or thrown into yoghurt or oatmeals.

2. Almond

Almonds contains Biotin, which helps you convert food into energy. It also helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, fat and when feeling exhausted at noon, a handful of almonds will do a magic.

3. Banana

This is one of my secrets of staying energize every given point of time. Banana is one of the best sources of energy as there are full of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6 which all plays key roles in increasing energy levels in your body.

4. Fatty Fish

These are good sources of protein, fat acids, and B vitamins and are excellent among your dishes. Example of fatty Fish include, Salmon and Tuna. Having either of it in meals provide you with the recommended daily amount of Omega-3 and Vitamin B12.

5. Brown Rice

Contains manganese which helps produce energy from protein and carbohydrates to help you maintain energy level all through the day.

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a natural carbohydrate that contains three basic foods essential for the body: calcium, fiber and protein.

7. Eggs

Eggs are not just tremendous in satisfying alone but can also provide energy to power your day. Protein in egg helps to provide and sustain energy for hours.

Staying healthy and happy is important. Eating healthy foods will optimize your daily performance and give you upper edge ūüí™.

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