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Must read for every Lady.

Every wise woman knows what a man wants and knowing alone keeps him down like the beauty and the beast.

– Min. Psymon

It is however funny to me seeing ladies going for butt implant in large numbers when there are ways this can be achieved naturally with little or no side effects.

Most curvy celebrities

Anyways, thats why I’m sharing this information with you. You may be among the ones who feels nothing can be done about their butt after trying several methods this will be your very last.

A woman should have good shape, curvy and nice hips because this is what differentiate men from women. Bear in mind that butts are in sizes, likewise suits different body.

I’m black I love them big and we have ways of achieving that naturally which is why I decided to share this piece with you to help make you like Nicki and her likes.

What causes Flat Butts?

Incase you are wondering what actually contributes to flat and unattractive butts is beckon on some lifestyle factors which includes, sedentary jobs, age factor, activities that requires you sitting for a long period especially on hard surface.

Shape and curves can be lost as you age because of the low amount of fat reduce in your butt and women in menopause experience tremendous loss due to reduction of estrogen level.

Two Natural Steps To Increase Your Butt

You really don’t have to worry about this anymore as it is no longer a challenge for this is your last search and trial.

There’s remedy to everything except not found, and this is where I show you two simple ways to have curvy and and attractive butt within a month with magical mixture.

This mixture is very healthy and full of wonderful nutrients that will penetrate deep into your skin and make it flexible and helps grow fast.

Two things only you have to do for you to get good result first, prepare the mixture, secondly apply and do a 5-minutes squatting and please make sure you rest of you need to.

Items To Use For Big Butt

  1. 3 small bowl or plates
  2. Ripe banana
  3. Natural yoghurt
  4. Blender
  5. Egg


  • Peel 1 banana and cut into blendable pieces in first plate or bowl.
  • Add 5 Tbsp of yoghurt to another.
  • Crack your egg and take out only egg white to the third bowl or plate as it may be.
  • Put all of it into a blender and blend together.
  • Collect to a container or plate (preservable).

You are now set for the transformation.

Apply mixture as cream on your butt and hips and allow to stay 30 minutes, wash with a look-warm water.

Repeat this at least trice (3X) a week until you are satisfied with result.

Squatting: down
Squatting: up

Note: please make sure to perform the squatting exercise after applying this reason because, it what gives you the shape and curves you desire after the mixture boast fat on your butt.

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